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Keeping your kid’s emotional health in check during the coronavirus


The coronavirus has kept kids indoors not allowing them to go outside and play and get that physical exercise they need and want. This, however, should not undermine their level of kids’ emotional health. This article will highlight the importance of maintaining your kids have good emotional health.

Ensuring there are solid foundations

Making sure they get a good night’s sleep, healthy food, and plenty of exercise is fundamental to maintaining good health both emotional and physical. There are certain principles that should be underpinned to maintaining good health, having sufficient playtime, maintaining a good social connection, and being outdoors.

Accompanying these principles are other attributes that ensure a growing body is kept in optimum health.

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Practice Routine

Keeping a regular routine helps in a big way with maintaining good levels of health. Going to bed, having dinner, playtime, showering, and many more should be practiced at the same.  Time. Having a regular routine creates a stable foundation for kids as they get older and experience many changes in their life.


Sharing Emotions

Keeping your kids’ mental health in check is helped by letting them feel free to share their emotions. For a child to feel free to share whatever emotion they may be feeling at the time can in many respects enable confidence and safety. This is a great benefit to your kids for when they get older it can help with such things as decision making.


Looking after your kids’ psychological well-being can seem overwhelming and perhaps a mystery at times. Having “emotional intelligence” helps children recognize and deal with emotions appropriately when they arise. The building blocks for your kids’ mental health state as seen above will help them for the rest of their life ensuring they will live a happy and long life. 

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